FFG Technology

The last thing you want to hear when you claim is that your insurance won’t cover your total loss. Or that your insurer is refusing to pay the full value of your claim. But that can be one of the very real and damaging consequences of underinsurance.

Being underinsured can mean your insurer decides to pay only a proportion of the sum you’re claiming for. This is perfectly within their rights to do so. Underinsurance rears its troublesome head when a policy’s level of cover is less than a claim’s potential total value. The difference between the two means the person or business claiming is out of pocket from the start.

At FFG we will always provide the best possible advice to ensure that your assets are insured at the right values and also that these values are adjusted with every renewal. We are however very dependent on the correct information, especially if it comes to your IT equipment.

We realise that you are focused on your business and as our slogan promises, you create the memories, we insure the journey, therefore we are always committed to expanding our service to you.

We are very excited to announce that FFG Technology (Pty) Ltd can assist you with a complete IT audit to ensure that all your IT equipment is correctly insured. After the audit, all information will be processed and the final asset list will be provided to you and the Asset Risk Management department at FFG.

FFG Technology will ensure that all values provided on the audit are in line with replacement values on the date of the audit’s completion.

They are also able to assist you with lower-than-retail pricing on any IT equipment replacements and damage reports. Next time you claim, we will take care of everything from registration of the claim up to replacement. If you make use of FFG Technology you’ll never have to do an IT audit again or be worried about updated replacement values. As you claim or add new IT equipment to your policy through this subsidiary of FFG your IT electronic list will update automatically.

Contact us today to assist you with your IT assets.