A broad spectrum of our financial services

FFG strives to meet the diverse needs of our clients and to develop trust by developing superior services and drawing on the full range of our capabilities. FFG offers all the financial services needed by clients as they participate in an economy driven modern society. The Group strives to ensure that its services are continually adjusted and updated so that they always meet the needs of both private individuals and companies.

FFG assist with individual clients’ personal financial needs or business related needs. Through our holistic approach to financial planning, we help individual clients to reach their goals through life.

We help you identify the most suitable investments based on your own criteria for achieving income, capital growth or a balance of the two, whilst seeking to capitalize on any tax advantages that might be available. We’ll create suitable financial strategy to achieve the correct balance between a competitive return on your capital with an acceptable degree of security.

We strive to render you with honest and understandable advice that will give you:

  • Peace of mind that you know exactly where you stand with your financial portfolio
  • A plan of action and roadmap that will give you direction
  • Continual updates and a long term relationship to add value to you and your family’s lives in years to come


You CREATE the memories, we INSURE the journey